Fly Fishing eNewsletter:


by Rick Hafele, Dave Hughes,
and Skip Morris

In November of 2014, Stackpole Books released two books that feature all of the articles written for the HookedNow e-zine by Rick Hafele, Dave Hughes, and Skip Morris.

These three master anglers (and friends) rewrote, updated, and added more chapters to complete these books that were concieved through the original e-zine.

The result? Two books filled to the brim with inside information on fishing for trout in rivers. Information these three anglers have gleaned from their years wading and drifting the streams and rivers of North America and Canada.

Collectively, that adds up to almost a century of
angling experience.

So, here they are, the books that hold all the articles (including never-before-published chapters) from the HookedNow e-zine:

Tactics for Trout,


Seasons for Trout.

These links will take you to in-depth information on each book, and you can order them here too:

GO TO: the book page for Tactics for Trout...

GO TO: the book page for Seasons for Trout...

You can purchase either book by clicking on the link at the end of each page. Orders are filled by either Feather-Craft Fly Fishing (located in St. Louis, Missouri), or The Fly Shop (located in Redding, California).

What is HookedNow?

HookedNow is a bi-monthly fly fishing enewsletter by Dave Hughes, Skip Morris, and Rick Hafele designed to help you further develop your fly fishing skills whether you are new to fly fishing or an old timer.

Dave Hughes, Skip Morris and Rick Hafele need little introduction as they have each been contributing to fly fishing literature for over 40 years. Between them they account for over 50 books and instructional DVDs, plus hundreds more magazine articles. They are also sought after speakers for fly fishing clubs, sportsmen shows and conclaves.

What is Different about HookedNow?

Each issue of HookedNow will take a particular topic of fly fishing, and through text, photos, and video Dave, Skip, and Rick will each give their own unique perspective.

So, with each enewsletter you will see how three experienced anglers with different backgrounds and specialties tackle the same question. A new issue of HookedNow will come out every other month with a timely topic to help you perfect your skills, teach you how to catch more fish, and have fun while doing it!

To learn more about these three authors, click on the photos below: