Fly Fishing for Bass and Panfish DVD

Do you want to learn the basics of
fly fishing for bass and panfish?

Fly Tying Made Clear and Simple DVD Fly Fishing for Bass
and Panfish

Let Skip and Carol take you out on the water to fish for largemouth bass and panfish (not, however, smallmouth bass, which are an entirely different fish than largemouth bass).

Skip will teach you about the techniques, how and where to find these fishes, the flies, the tackle, the works.

Check out what Skip's DVD has to offer:

This fly fishing dvd has:

  • Several segments discussing techniques and flies for bass
    and panfish including:

    1. rods, reels, lines, and leaders

    2. basic fly-fishing techniques for bass and panfish—
      including both surface and subsurface strategies

    3. flies for bass and panfish

  • 60 minutes of combined tying and fishing instruction

  • a price of $19.95

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