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Morris and Chan on Fly Fishing Trout Lakes

Morris and Chan on Fly Fishing Trout Lakes comes from the acclaimed fly-fishing author Skip Morris and lake-fishing guru Brian Chan.

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Tying and Fishing Flies for Trout Lakes

During this clinic, Skip Morris (author of 18 fly-fishing books including Morris & Chan on Fly Fishing Trout Lakes) will teach you about the creatures trout feed on in lakes, how to tie a sound selection of excellent trout-lake flies, fly by fly, and how to fish each fly–he’ll be right there at your side, helping you get the tying right. Skip will show a few PowerPoint slides as he explains just how a damselfly, for example, goes through a nymph stage to metamorphose to a winged adult. He’ll then describe how the trout respond to these stages and about the strategies and techniques that help you catch more trout during damselfly hatches. Then you and he will tie a fly that imitates a damselfly nymph (the critical stage for fishing this hatch), he’ll answer questions, and then he’ll start up another series of slides about another trout-food creature. You’ll receive a handout with all the fly patterns and a fly Skip himself has tied. This will be an informative and fun clinic. Attendance is limited, so sign up now.Saturday, April 28th @ the shop.

10:30am – 3:30 pm

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Fly Fishing 101 with Skip Morris

Though it’s a deeply rewarding sport, fly fishing can get confusing, even overwhelming, when you first take it up. When do I want to fish that river? Where should I expect to find the fish in all that water? How should I present my fly, and which fly should I choose? There are lots of good questions. This class will provide the critical answers.

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Hands-On Tying Clinic with Skip: Tying and Fishing Emergers and Soft-Hackles

Here’s your chance to learn the right and best ways to tie deadly soft-hackle and emerger fly patterns and how to fish them—with one of the most-published fly-tying authors in the world at your elbow guiding you. Emerger-flies and soft-hackles can be deadly for trout in creeks, streams, and rivers, sometimes when no other flies can move a fish. But you need the right flies, the right techniques, and you need to know when to use both.

Skip Morris, author of 18 fly-fishing books, seven specifically on tying flies, and over 300 articles in the fly magazines, will sit down with you and a limited number of attendees and you’ll tie together. Skip will demonstrate on a live screen, help you through each tying step, and answer your questions.

You’ll get a handout with the fly dressings and information on how, when, and where to fish emerger-flies and soft-hackled flies. You’ll also leave with a fly Skip tied.

Again, number of attendees is limited—call the shop now to reserve your spot.


DATE: Saturday February 10, 2018

TIME: 10:30am to 3:30pm (with a half-hour lunch break around 12:30)

COST: $75.00 Pay in advance to reserve your spot.


LEVEL: This clinic requires at least a medium level of tying experience.

PROVIDED: A hand-out with dressings and information on fishing them, all materials except thread. Bring your own tying tools and vise. Skip will present you with a gift: a fly he tied.

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On Sale: Skip's E-Book on Top Twelve Nymphs

Skip's popular Kindle e-book, Top Twelve Nymphs for Trout Streams, How, When, and Where to Fish Them, is now on sale for $0.99...(soon $2.99). If you want to thank us for this special price, we'd love to have you review this e-book on Amazon.

This is the blurb on the book:

Here, Skip Morris, the author of 18 print-and-paper books on fly fishing, guides you through 12 great nymph-flies for catching trout in creeks, streams, and rivers, along with a color photograph of every fly. Skip tells you all about each fly—what it imitates, what it’s designed to do, what it does do in the water—and then he tells you how to fish it effectively, when it fishes best, how deep in the water to fish it, and offers the different fishing methods that make it catch fish.

He describes those methods plainly, so you can go right out and make them work. He even provides a chart to help you select the right fly for specific fishing conditions and choose the best method for presenting that fly to the trout.

Top 12 Nymphs for Trout Streams, How, When, and Where to Fish Them contains a bit over 21,000 words, but also includes 22 color photographs showing all the flies and the creatures they imitate, and a couple of shots just to make you sigh and smile—one of a gorgeous cutthroat trout and the other a grand scenic of fishing a Montana trout river.

Figuring out trout flies is overwhelming for the new fly fisher and confusing enough for the old pro. Let Skip guide you through 12 great nymphs and how, when, and where to fish them. And it’s an entertaining read besides.

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