PowerPoint Presentations

by Skip Morris, Fly Fishing Author

General Information

Skip's PowerPoint presentations are each about 50 minutes in length. The photography is primarily Skip's and that of his wife, Carol Ann Morris, a professional outdoor photographer whose work has appeared in Skip's articles and books and those of other fly-fishing writers, and in Gray's Sporting Journal.

PowerPoint Presentations


Through a mix of entertainment and useful information, in this powerpoint presentation Skip explores the subject of creeks (small streams) and their fish. The creeks are divided into types: riffle creeks, meadow creeks, and tiny spring creeks. Tackle, techniques, and flies are discussed. But here and there, I take you on brief fishing trips to some wonderful creeks, including one in Sweden.

Fishing the Surface of a Trout Lake

Trout lakes are sadly misunderstood—and they represent a whole world of fly fishing that too many anglers, either through unfamiliarity or uncertainty, are missing. This powerpoint presentation takes you patiently by the hand and guides you through the techniques, tackle, and flies that take trout feeding in the top layer of a lake. Here you will learn about lake entomology, the intricacies of chasing and catching path-rising trout, when to expect surface feeding on chironomids, and a great deal more...with innovative ideas and images that entertain.

Fishing the Depths of a Trout Lake

As in streams, trout in lakes do most of their feeding well down. This powerpoint presentation explores fishing with sinking lines and with floating lines and weighted flies on very long leaders. In this show you will learn how to determine if trout in a lake are feeding deep, what they are feeding on, and how to turn this knowledge into good fishing. Of course, depth is relative—in the case of lake trout, it ranges from only a half dozen feet down to thirty.

Cutthroats and Salmon in Salt Water

The techniques, the flies, how to read tides and shorelines for sea-run cutthroat trout and Pacific Salmon. Puget Sound and Hood Canal offer a magnificent fishery for magnificent fish—every Washingtonian should feel blessed for it.

Fly Fishing for Bass & Panfish

Largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and panfish are the subject, from a fly-fishing perspective. This is largely an instructional powerpoint presentation—how to prepare, how to get out and catch these much misunderstood and worthy fishes. But as with all my shows (and I say this from experience and because it is appropriate here, not from egotism) the audience will be entertained. Surprisingly, I have twice taken this show to the deep South—the best bass water in the world— as a request to show the local boys what they are missing and how to take advantage of what they have. Interest in fly fishing for bass and panfish is clearly growing; accordingly, so is curiosity about this marvelous still-under-appreciated sport.

Uncommon Fish, Uncommon Waters, Uncommon Methods

If the fish, the water in which it lives, or the techniques used to catch it are unusual in some way, and I have have caught it or fished it or tried it, it is here. The range runs from fly fishing with, essentially, bass bugs for Pacific salmon in salt water to carp on a tiny diving bug to the hallowed flow of the Letort Spring Run. This show is light on the technical but heavy on entertainment and the interesting and unusual.

Making Nymph Fishing Work

An instructional powerpoint presentation on how to fish nymphs in rivers and creeks. Explains the techniques, the rigs (including the dropper system, the suspended nymph, lead on the leader...), reading nymph-water, tackle—the whole ball game, made clear and understandable. Still, there is humor and there are brief anecdotes to flesh out the information and entertain.

Making Dry Fly Fishing Work

All the aspects of fishing a dry fly or floating emerger-fly are covered—slack-line casting, leaders and tippets, entomology and flies, and much more. Skip also explores two very different dry-fly rivers to provide a sense of the range of dry-fly fishing. Also included: the wonders of the scuba-diver hatch.

Master fly tier Skip Morris presenting a PowerPoint presentation to a fly fishing club. Skip performing a powerpoint show
at a fly fishing club in Oregon.