The Art of Tying the Nymph DVD

Do you want to learn to tie nymphs for trout?

Master fly tier Skip Morris will show you how fun
and fascinating it is to tie these flies...

Fly Tying Made Clear and Simple DVD The Art of Tying
the Nymph

This fly tying DVD is all about nymphs—ten tied altogether.

Trout, and other fish, feed heavily on nymphs, which makes artificial nymphs deadly effective. Through this DVD, Skip shows you how tying nymphs becomes logical, fun, and fascinating.

A variety of essential tying techniques, and ten deadly nymphs...

You'll learn how to tie bead-head flies, make a dubbing loop, work with peacock herl, add lead wire and many more essential techniques for tying nymphs. Flies include the Rip Caddis, Serendipity, Brassie, along with seven other popular nymphs (see the complete list in the box below).

Why these particular nymphs? For two very important reasons...

Skip choose these particular nymphs for two important reasons:

  • they're a broad selection of excellent flies,

  • by tying them you learn basic tying techniques that form the basis of
    tying nymphs in general.

Check out what Skip's DVD has to offer:

This fly tying dvd has:

  • step-by-step tying instruction by Skip, and
    includes these ten nymphs:

    1. Gold-ribbed Hare's Ear
    2. Copper-Core Pheasant Tail
    3. Dubbing-Loop Damsel
    4. Skip Nymph, Dark
    5. Morristone
    6. Partridge and Orange Soft Hackle
    7. Rip Caddis
    8. Serendipity
    9. Brassie
    10. a typical bead-head nymph

  • bead-head fly variations and a discussion on the art of substitution

  • how to make a dubbing loop, work with peacock herl, add lead wire, and other important nymph tying techniques

  • 110 minutes of tying instruction

  • a price of $26.95

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