365 Fly Fishing Tips for
Trout, Bass, and Panfish

365 Fly Fishing Tips for Trout, Bass, and Panfish by Skip MorrisSkip's book, 365 Fly Fishing Tips for Trout, Bass, and Panfish


(from the book)

If you're new to fly fishing and you read through this book—just one time through—you'll turn the last page a much better fly fisher than you were when you turned the front cover. You'll have improved, I'd estimate, by half again. And that...is huge. An investment of only a few pleasant hours for a leap of half. (I hope and pray they're pleasant. I did everything in my power to make this book an enjoyable read.)

Imagine how much you'll improve if you read through it twice. Imagine...

Even if you've fly-fished for decades, I believe you'll still pick up a heap of fresh, practical information and ideas here.

These are bold claims, indeed. But in case you mistake my boldness for arrogance: nope—it's just me being realistic. Look, I've spent several decades making a living in fly fishing—writing about it (this is my 19th book, and I've published over 300 articles in the fly magazines), teaching it, speaking about it at fly clubs and events, and also fishing with many fly-fishing writers, guides, and experts while asking them lots of questions. I'm bound to be loaded with great information.

If you did all that, don't you think you could come up with a few hundred excellent tips, many that would give even a seasoned fly fisher a happy surprise?

Bet you could.

I believe I did.

The tips, all of them, are tips you'll actually use. The kind that, once you apply them, make you blink and go, "Wow—why didn't I think of that?"

The illustrations and photos make this book much better than it would be without them—some things just show better than tell. And for many things, a combination of telling and showing is ideal. This book contains lots of telling-and-showing tips.

When the book was finished, all 365 tips researched, written, and polished, I had some left over. The leftovers were excellent tips, but they could be expressed well in so few words that they didn't fit in with the others. Besides, the other, longer tips were gems—I couldn't let any of them go. So I checked with my editor and she let me add these dandy little leftover ones in, here and there, and call them "Bonus Tips." That's right, they're extras, a gift to you.

There's stuff in here on selecting flies wisely and making sense of all the various fly types, on improving your casting and adding new casts (casting—so important. How else do you get your fly out in front of a fish?). There are deadly fishing techniques of all sorts clearly presented, there's info on how to find fish (usually fish gather only in certain places), there's instruction on how to make up effective rigs, and on and on the list goes. As I said: stuff you'll use.

So read, learn, understand, improve, and, most of all, enjoy. Enjoyment: that's really the main reason for taking up fly fishing. These tips will make your fishing go smoothly, provide insight so that you know what to do and why, and put more fish on your line—what's more enjoyable than that?

The Details

  • 365 proven tips and 34 bonus tips (a total of 399 tips)

  • 300 color photographs (yes, exactly 300 photographs—we counted)

  • 59 color and 8 black-and-white illustrations (a total of 67 illustrations)

  • fish symbols by each tip clarify which fish, or fishes, the tip applies to

  • enjoyable to read

  • softbound, 6 inches x 9 inches

  • 344 pages total

  • price $24.95

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