Morris on Tying Flies

Morris on Tying Flies

Do you love the variety fly fishing offers? Then check this out...

Morris on Tying Flies—are you looking for a tying book with about every imaginable type of fly—emergers, nymphs, imitative and attractor designs, streamers, freshwater, saltwater, trout, bass, panfish, bonefish, even sea-running cutthroat trout?

If you are, then this book is it.

And, there's more...

If you're also looking for a book that's worth reading for fishing and tying information and because you enjoy essays about fly fishing, Morris on Tying Flies provides these as well.

Solid, standard fly patterns, and proven great flies...

You'll find such rock-solid standards as the Madam X, Montana Stone, Lefty's Deciever, Tap's Bug, and the Green Machine, along with some great flies you may never have seen, such as the Fluttering Salmon Fly, Royal Flush, and the Peacock Chenille Leech.

Morris on Tying Flies is simply a lovely book with many elegant fishing,
fly and tying photographs, and color illustrations.

Here are some sample pages from the book...

Morris on Tying Flies Chapter Head

Morris on Tying Flies Fly Patterns and Illustration

Top Left: This is a beautiful fly-tying book—the photographs and the illustrations are vivid and expressive, and will make you want to pick up your fly rod.

Top Right: chapters vary from a single fly pattern to a collection of related flies as with the scud flies shown above.

Morris on Tying Flies Tying Steps

Right: tying instructions are thorough, and supported by crisp photographs.

This book is:

  • a tying book with seventy-four flies for a variety of
    different fishes

  • full of information about tying and fly fishing

  • enjoyable to read; contains essays about fly fishing

  • all color, softbound, and 8 1/2 x 11

  • 112 pages total

  • priced at $24.95

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