Skip Morris Fly Fishing YouTube Channel

On his Skip Morris Fly Fishing YouTube Channel, Skip does what he does best:

he teaches.

There are some artful, elegant videos out there that draw you into exotic places or show you big fish taking flies underwater—and they’re wonderful.

But when you’re ready to learn (and maybe smile) try
Skip’s videos on his YouTube channel.

The Many Faces of Fly Fishing

Fly fishing is a sport of uncountable facets. Skip will explore many of these facets as he and Carol build the numbers of videos on his Skip Morris Fly Fishing YouTube Channel.

The intention here isn’t to teach you how to fish a trout lake for example—which is really too broad to be very useful—but to

teach you something much more specific

and in real depth,

such as how to fish imitations of dragonfly nymphs in trout lakes.

The message isn’t just “See how exciting and fun this is?” but also “Let’s take a close look at this technique or fly or concept and make it work for you.

The Important Details Clearly Explained to Help You Catch Fish

You’ll get the important details explained and demonstrated clearly. There will be the right amount of detail, not so much you become lost, but all the facts that matter, that make the thing work—that catch you fish.

You don’t need every tiny scrap of information;

you do need to know the critical strategies and information.

But facts alone are never enough for learning how to do something well (something like finding and hooking trout on dragonfly nymph imitations, for example); you need the information fed to you logically, in a way that lines it all up like neatly placed dominoes, so the process will fall smoothly through its course when you get to the water.

Put simply:

you need to know how to apply critical strategies and details

so it all comes together to put a deep bend in your fly rod.

And that’s what you’ll find on the Skip Morris Fly Fishing YouTube Channel.


Keep checking here, on our website, as we plan to continually add new videos. Each fishing season we’ll shoot, then during the winter (when the weather’s not so mild that fishing might distract us), work the slow process of editing hours of video into minutes of strong, concise instruction for the Skip Morris Fly Fishing YouTube Channel.

Skip Morris Biography

Skip Morris is the author of seventeen fly-fishing books, hundreds of fly-fishing and -tying magazine articles, and has taught fly fishing and fly tying all over North America and overseas at fly-fishing expos, fly clubs, and sportsmen’s shows.

He’s been fishing since the time his teenage years seemed impossibly far-off in the future—he’s wanted to catch fish ever since he first saw one in water (in fact, he’s a little
bit of a fishing addict…).

Teaching this great art has been Skip's profession for over two decades.

Now he can teach you on the Skip Morris Fly Fishing YouTube Channel

for free!

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