Skip Morris Fly Proportion Chart


Skip Morris Fly Proportion Chart

Beautiful flies perform best and are the most convincing to the fish...

Skip Morris Fly Proportion Chart—getting the length of a fly's tail or its hackle fibers correct is important not only in order to please the human eye, but to make the fly perform properly, convince fish, and hook them once they're convinced.

But it's not just about tails and hackles—

wing height, body and wing-case length, head size
all count.

An easy-to-understand laminated guide that easily fits in your tying kit...

This handy little two-sided guide, protected in clear plastic and small enough
to fit into your tying kit, will make fly proportions easy to understand.

Are you ready to tie better-looking, more-effective flies?

Here's what it looks like...

Skip Morris Fly Proportion Chart

Skip Morris Fly Proportion Chart

Left and Right: both sides of the Skip Morris Fly Proportion Chart, showing the nine most common fly styles.

This little chart is:

  • full of information on the nine most common fly styles and their proportions

  • all color, 4.25 x 9 inches, laminated

  • two-sided

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