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Fly tying and fly fishing are equal parts fun, art, information, and fascination. Whatever tips and lessons Skip has learned at the vise or by the stream, you'll find them here.

So...Who are We?

We are Skip Morris, the down-to-earth author of nineteen books on tying flies and fly fishing (including the best-selling beginner's book, Fly Tying Made Clear and Simple), and Carol Ann Morris, whose artful photography and detailed watercolors have been published in major fly fishing magazines (ie, Gray's Sporting Journal, Fly Fishing & Tying Journal, Yale Angler's Journal, and others), and also in Skip's books and articles.

We're a husband-and-wife team who've been fishing together for over twenty five years, and we love sharing our passion for fly fishing. We'll provide you with clear and simple instruction to make your journey into this sport fun and informative.

* Announcements *

Skip just released a new book!

365 Fly Fishing Tips for Trout, Bass, and Panfish by Skip MorrisSkip's new book, released on December 1, 2019

Click here to get more information about Skip's new book,

365 Tips for Trout, Bass, and Panfish...

A Fly Tying Clinic coming up this

Saturday, February 29, 2020...

Advanced Trout Fly Tying Clinic

with Skip Morris

Advanced Fly Tying Class with Skip MorrisClockwise from the top: two Zonkers, the CDC Rusty Spinner,
the Gabriel's Trumpet, and the Rogue Foam Stone, all tied by Skip.

A Hands-on Fly Tying and PowerPoint Clinic

(held at The Peninsula Outfitters in Poulsbo, Washington)

Last year’s class on advanced trout-fly tying with Skip Morris was a hit. This year's class will feature entirely different flies and tying techniques.

Skip is the author of

  • Fly Tying Made Clear and Simple II: Advanced Techniques;

  • Tying Foam Flies;

  • The Art of Tying the Nymph;

and several other fly-tying books (along with a couple of hundred tying articles in the magazines): he’s an icon among tiers, worldwide.

During this class he’ll teach you

  • to tie the bright, flashing, and deadly Gabriel’s Trumpet nymph;

  • to tie the Rogue Foam Stone with its doubled-foam body and hair bullet head;

  • to make CDC wings and a biot body on the CDC Rusty Spinner;

  • and to tie that reliable big-trout taker, the Zonker streamer.

(The class will choose the order, and whether or not we tie them all, you’ll pick up lots of new techniques and improve your skills.)

You’ll get a handout with the fly dressings. Skip is known as a patient and encouraging instructor. You’ll learn and learn and spend a pleasant few hours doing so.

The techniques you’ll learn in this clinic will serve you for a lifetime of tying great fly patterns. The number of attendees is limited—call the shop now to reserve your spot.

PROVIDED: A hand-out with dressings and information on fishing them, all materials except thread. Bring your own tying tools and vise.

At the end of the clinic, Skip will present you with a gift: a fly he tied.

Fly Tying Clinic Details

  • Date: Saturday, February 29, 2020

  • Time: 10:30am to 3:30pm

  • Cost: $75

  • Maximum Attendees: 8

  • Level: This clinic requires at least modest tying experience.

  • Venue:

  • Peninsula Outfitters
    19740 7th Ave NE, Suite 110
    Poulsbo, WA 98370
    Local: (360)394-1599

*Lunch break at noon - bring lunch or there are local restaurants nearby.

Click here to get more information
on Skip's advanced trout fly tying class at Peninsula Outfitters in
Poulsbo, Washington...

Skip's Predator...a New Fly Now Available!

The Predator is now available to buy...

Skip's ultra-popular Predator—a hit fly for bluegills and other panfishes and largemouth bass (also catches smallmouth bass and trout)—is being tied commercially by the Solitude Fly Company.

Skip Morris's Predator

The Predator

CLICK HERE to learn more about or to purchase the Predator...

Learn to Tie Skip's Predator

Do you want to tie the Predator?

Skip Morris's Predator

Tying the Predator

Skip shows you how to tie it on his YouTube Channel link, listed below:

CLICK HERE to see Skip's detailed video on how to tie the Predator...

The Creative Art of Tying Flies

If you want to learn how to tie the Turck Tarantula, you'll find instructions here. The Miracle Midge? It's here too. So are the Articulated Leech and the Hackled Skip Nymph.

All are effective, intriguing flies, and there are many more.

Every tying step is explained with clear and simple instruction through detailed text and up-close-and-personal photographs, and that makes tying these flies easy to learn.

An Insider's Tips for Taking Fish on a Fly

There is also instruction on how to use big attractor flies to motivate large trout to strike, how to catch salmon off of Washington's wild coast, and how to work chironomid-pupa imitations deep in a lake where big trout live.

There are many other techniques we'll share based on our experience on the water, and these tips will help you hook more fish and have more fun doing it.

Get an inside look at the secrets of this amazing sport, and find out more about the intriguing world of fly tying and fly fishing.

The information offered here gives you the chance to learn new skills and
enjoy yourself as you go.

Fly Fishing and Tying Article Libraries

The fly fishing and tying article links below (and in the left-hand navigation column) will take you to previously-published magazine articles (most of them written by Skip, and a few written by Carol).

These informational pieces span 25 years.

Some are filled with the fundamentals of tying and fishing techniques that remain vital to this day. Others contain cutting-edge fishing strategies or outline clear and simple tying instructions for many of today's most popular flies.

Skip's books, flies, lessons, ezine (now published in a
two-book volume), and more....

Other links take you to information about Skip's books, fly designs, fly tying lessons, talks and presentations, and the on-line magazine HookedNow (now published as two books by Stackpole, November 2014), that he contributed to (along with fellow fly-fishing writers Dave Hughes and Rick Hafele).

So...are you ready to get started?

Find a quiet corner, settle into your favorite chair, and join us...

Do You Need a Speaker for
Your Club Meeting, Banquet, or Show?

Would you like to contact Skip or Carol to do a talk for your

club meeting, conference, banquet, conclave, or sportsman's show?

Contact us here...

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Skip's PowerPoint Programs...

For a list of Skip's fly tying clinics, click here:

Skip's Fly Tying Clinics...

Carol gives a 50-minute presentation on photography called

"Fly Fishing Photography 101: How to Capture What You See."

She'll provide more details on request.

Use the "Contact Us" form, or the "Contact us here" link above to get in touch with
Carol about her talk.

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Skip Morris Presentations: Master tier Skip Morris offers a variety of talks and clinics on fly fishing and fly tying that have been popular at fly fishing clubs and shows around the world.
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Fly tying lessons with master fly tier and instructor, Skip Morris. Skip is offering one-on-one one-hour fly tying lessons with individuals up to groups of four.
Fly Fishing ENewsletter called HookedNow is now Two Books!
Dave Hughes, Skip Morris, and Rick Hafele have put together a fly fishing enewletter (called HookedNow) designed to help you improve your fly fishing skills whether you are new to fly fishing or an old timer. As of November 2014, Stackpole Books has published this collection of articles as two books...Tactics for Trout and Seasons for Trout.
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Fly fishing photo essays by professional fly fisher and author Skip Morris and his wife, photographer Carol Ann Morris. These essays document fly fishing adventures these two avid fly fishers have taken over the last twenty years.
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Skip Morris DVDs...master fly tier and fly fishing author Skip Morris has a variety of DVDs available that explore the world of fly tying and fly fishing. For both the beginner and experienced angler and fly tier.
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Skip Morris Blarticles. Written by well-known fly fishing author Skip Morris, he has put into prose his reflections, off-the-cuff impressions, thoughts, experiences, and suggestions for fly-fishing success based on his fifty-plus years of experience chasing trout, bass, and many other species with a fly.

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