Fly Fishing Articles:

Tips, Techniques, and Strategies
to Improve Your Success

A fresh perspective through the eyes of an expert...

Here is a mix of fly fishing articles—on techniques, strategies, rivers and other waters—Skip has published with a variety of fly-fishing and outdoor magazines over the past 20-some years.

You'll find all sorts of great information here.

From attractor flies for big trout, to salmon in the salt...

Want to find out what it feels like to hook one wild-fighting salmon after another off the Washington Coast, and how to make that happen?

Or perhaps you'd like to know when and where to fish big attractor dry flies for big trout? We'll explore all this, and more.

Fly-Fishing Article Library

The links at the bottom of this page will take you to the articles by Skip(and a few written by Carol). From simple skills to cutting-edge techniques, you'll find new ways to catch more fish among the pages.

If you read about this sport to learn, to catch more fish, or just for fun, enjoy exploring what we offer here.

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